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AHD CCTV Equipment

AHD CCTV systems are an excellent choice if you want to upgrade an existing analogue CCTV installation to high-definition (HD) without excessive cost. AHD supports up to 1080p high-resolution video and can even achieve 4K in some cases. The system is especially cost-effective for business use, such as in retail, hospitality, and offices, but it can equally be used in residential applications.

What Are AHD CCTV Systems?

Analogue High Definition (AHD) CCTV systems function by sending video and audio data over standard coaxial cables from a camera to a DVR for storage on a hard disk drive. The system allows you to gain clearer and more detailed CCTV footage than traditional analogue systems, yet the pricing is just as affordable. It is a great choice for both daytime and night-time surveillance, especially when features like Smart Motion Detection and IR night vision are utilised.

One of the key benefits of AHD is that you can achieve signal transmission over relatively long distances. This is ideal if you have an outbuilding or need to monitor a larger site. Another advantage is the technology is likely to function with your existing CCTV equipment. You can use most brands interchangeably so long as the devices accept the AHD format, plus expanding a system is easy (just ‘plug and play’).

AHD: A Cost-Effective CCTV Solution

AHD CCTV is a sensible option if you are looking for value for money. They are more affordable than IP-based systems yet allow you to gain HD footage and excellent functionality. If you are a residential user on a low budget, you may find AHD is a solid option. And if you run a business and have an older analogue network, AHD makes upgrading to HD cheap. When you consider the additional benefits of ease of installation and low maintenance, AHD is reliable in all kinds of environments.

HD Analogue Cameras

Our wide range of AHD CCTV cameras is sourced from industry-leading brands, including SPRO, IRLAB, OYN-X, IQCCTV, and others. We have cameras suitable for all budgets, whether you are a business needing a multi-camera setup or a homeowner who needs a smaller installation to protect your premises. We feature bullet, dome, and turret designs that have high-end features, such as privacy masking, anti-vandal housing, wide-angle lenses, and more.

Analgue HD DVRs

We stock a varied selection of AHD recorders that support between 4 and 16 channels, allowing you to install a small or large network and upgrade as your requirements change. Features on our AHD Digital Video Recorders include HDMI and VGA output, PTZ control, video compression, motion detection, backup to a USB drive, and more. Many of our DVRs are compatible with additional formats besides AHD, giving you the freedom to change the system, should you need it in the future.

Contact DTS Digital For AHD CCTV Advice

To find out more about how we can help you find the perfect CCTV installation, get in touch with our friendly staff here at DTS Digital. We can source the best AHD equipment to meet your particular requirements no matter what scale of network you require. In addition, we also go above and beyond by offering free lifetime product support and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our CCTV products.

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AHD Cameras
Our extensive range of high definition analogue cameras includes bullets, domes and speed dome cameras designed for a wide range of applications.
Our range of AHD DVRs record images at up to 4K resolution and can be integrated in to your copper coaxial cable system.