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CCTV Accessories

Buy from a large range of CCTV accessories including cables, power supplies, signs, brackets, housing and much more. We supply all the accessories you will need to get your system up and running.

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Cable Clips

Our cable clips are designed specifically for use with CCTV cable. We advise you to fix cables where possible, not only does it look more aesthetically pleasing it is also protects them from damage.

Camera Brackets
We have a wide range of brackets to choose from to help collect the best images for your system from wall mount to ceiling brackets.
Camera Housing
Our camera housing products are designed for protecting your camera from outside elements such as vandals or the weather.
Camera Lenses
Our camera lenses can be fitted into camera housing with a CS mount.
CCTV Baluns
We have a range of CCTV baluns which can send and receive video and power down a CAT5 cable. This allows users to transmit signals over long cable runs.
CCTV Cables
We have large stocks of trade price cables including plug and professional cable rolls suitable for installers. Our high grade composite RG59+2 cable carries power and video signal saving you time and money on installation.
CCTV Connectors
We stock many different types of CCTV connectors including BNC Connectors and DC sockets and plugs. We also stock various specialist products such as our CCTV groundloop isolator.

Our CCTV modem kits are usually supplied as a pair and allow you to transmit multiple data formats, long distances over any standard coaxial cable.

CCTV Monitors
We have a full range of professional CCTV monitors to choose from to suit most CCTV applications.
CCTV Signs
We have a great range of CCTV Warning signs to choose from. Which satisfy all requirements of the data protection act.
CCTV Video Amplifiers
We have video and audio amplifiers which will boost a cameras image and sound down long cable runs.
Dummy Cameras
Great cost effective detterent for budget applications. Use dummy cameras to fool potential criminals. They look like the real thing.
DVR Accessories

Our range of DVR accessories includes remote management software and relay modules.

DVR/NVR Enclosures

Keep your surveillance evidence safe and secure with our range of DVR/NVR lockable enclosures.


Fibre Optic Kits
Our fibre optic kits are designed to enable installers to transmit video over longer distances of up to 20km down a single fibre cable.
Groundloop Isolators
Our range of groundloop isolators are designed to remove interferance by terminating groundloop currents in the cable.
Hard Drives
Our range of hard drives are designed for use with our Alien DVR's.
IP Over Coaxial Cable

IP Over coax kits are an ideal solution when integrating IP cameras in to an existing coaxial cable network.

IR Illuminators
IR Illuminators are useful for use with CCTV cameras to provide images in darkness. They can only be used with IR sensitive cameras.

A great way to protect your camera connections with one of our deep bases or camera junction boxes.

Long Range Wireless Transmission

Transmit IP surveillance up to 2km with our long range transmission kits.

Monitor Accessories
Shop here for a large range of VESA mounts for your LCD and plasma screens.
Power Over Ethernet
Click here to view our range of Power Over Ethernet switches which are designed for use with all of our IP cameras.
Power Supplies
Shop here for our full range of power supplies. We have a range of 12V and 24V power supplies to suit all CCTV equipment.
PTZ Controllers
Our PTZ Keyboard controllers have multi protocol and are compatible with most PTZ cameras.
Surge Protection

Protect all your CCTV equipment from un-wanted electrical spikes and surges with our range of surge protection devices.

Tools & Installation Aids
We supply all the tools and installations you may require for your CCTV install such as conduit, test monitors and camera towers.

A UPS will help stop the DVR being switched on and off by mistake and also prevent those mains transients and spikes that can be flying about getting to the DVR. 

Video Distributors
Our range of video distributors will allow you to distribute single or multiple video input feeds to multible video output feeds over various distances.