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Welcome to the DTS Digital website where you will find a wide range of security solutions for your home and business. We stock both wired and wireless gadgets including cameras, recorders and much more. For more info on our domestic and home security camera systems, please contact our knowledgeable staff today. If you have used any of our products, we welcome you to write your own review for the benefit of other customers too!

Superior Protection for All Environments

All of our protective systems are designed for self-installation so you can put everything up yourself without the need for a professional handyman. While primarily focusing on the UK, our DIY home and office CCTV system kits can also be sent elsewhere around the world. Whether you are a certified installer or an end user, we can supply you with a security system for either indoor or outdoor environments that fits in with your budget.
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16 Camera Systems
Our 16 camera packages are ideal for high risk applications such as large retail premises or warehouse applications. If you require any advice when choosing a system please don't hesitate to contact one of our team.
2 Camera Systems

Our two camera bundle kits are an ideal choice for small business or domestic premises. Easy to install with our plug and play cable option these bundles provide the same picture quality and features you would expect from a high end system.

4 Camera Systems
Our four camera systems are suitable for SMEs or home security. We have systems with cameras that operate indoors or outdoors and use real time recording so with our four cam kits you should expect 100FPS recording rate.
6 Camera Systems
View our range of six way security camera kits with a choice of standard analogue cameras for low risk applications or choose up to 1080p high definition resolution suitable for higher risk premises.
8 Camera Systems
Our range of eight camera kits use real time recording for each camera. We have a range of packages with indoor or outdoor camera options depending on the model which are suitable for medium to small applications such as large retail premises or a busy public house.
IQCCTV System Kits

Easy install kits by IQCCTV with HD cameras and DVRs designed for homes and small businesses.

Wireless Systems
Wireless and Wirefree video systems designed for home security and recreational use such as wildlife monitoring.
Xvision IP System Kits

Our Xvision IP system kits provide the ultimate protection for your premises, with complete systems ranging from one camera to 32 we have a solution for all applications.

CCTV Systems At DTS Digital

Welcome to our CCTV Systems category here at DTS Digital. In this section, we feature a comprehensive range of security systems for business and home use. Our CCTV cameras and combined DVR kits contain everything you need to install a fully functioning security system to protect your premises. We have wired and wireless CCTV systems and also those for indoor and outdoor environments. The majority are ideally suited for self-installation, even if you have little DIY knowledge.

CCTV Systems: Easy To Install Kits

Are you looking for a complete CCTV system that is simple to install? Our range of security camera kits allow you to set up a state-of-the-art CCTV installation in your business premises or home within minutes. Our self-install kits are highly adaptable and include equipment from some of the industry’s foremost brands, such as IQCCTV, SPRO, Xvision, HomeGuard, and more. All kits are built to last and include extensive functionality, plus the flexibility to scale your installation as you see fit.

Security Systems To Meet Your Budget

Our range of CCTV systems is great value for money and geared towards meeting your budget and application requirements. We feature kits for both home and business and small and larger projects. While our systems come with an allocation of cameras, 4, 6, 8, and 16 being the most popular, they typically have expansion capability on the DVR, enabling you to add extra cameras on the fly.

CCTV Systems For Low-Risk Applications

Residential and lower-risk applications often require fewer CCTV cameras and are highly affordable, whether you choose a wired or wireless solution. If you need a camera to monitor your driveway or garden, or a basic security installation to prevent shoplifting in your store, these kits are ideal. In most cases, a 4 or 8-camera setup and DVR are enough to record vital evidence and provide a visual deterrent.

CCTV Systems For High-Risk Applications

Higher-risk applications often require multiple security cameras with Ultra HD 4K video recording, ensuring amazing levels of video clarity. We stock a varied range of 8 and 16-camera systems with an accompanying DVR or NVR. These are perfect for high-risk applications where you need extensive coverage across your premises. They are perfect for use in schools, hospitals, colleges, large residential properties, shopping centres, and similar-sized buildings.

Wired CCTV Systems

Wired CCTV security systems are a popular and reliable choice when you need guaranteed performance. In this type of installation, since the cameras and DVR recorder are physically connected, you gain a more consistent signal and uninterrupted video recording. In most cases, devices are connected using industry-standard coaxial cables, which are cost-effective and easy to install. A wired CCTV network can be expanded with ease, depending on the needs of your application.

Wireless CCTV Systems

In situations where you need to install cameras quickly, wireless CCTV systems are an excellent choice. They give you the flexibility to install cameras wherever you see fit without the requirement for lengthy calling. If you lack space or need a CCTV setup for domestic use, wireless cameras fit the bill perfectly. But they can equally be used for business. Our wireless CCTV systems come with an allocation of cameras and a DVR/NVR for reliably storing footage.

Outdoor CCTV Systems

For applications where you need to place CCTV cameras in the external environment, outdoor CCTV systems are recommended. These systems include durable outdoor cameras with a sufficient IP rating to withstand the elements. Many outdoor CCTV systems also include anti-vandal camera housing to protect against accidental and deliberate damage. Our range of outdoor CCTV systems includes an allocation of cameras and a DVR that allows you to record and store footage.

Indoor CCTV Systems

Our indoor security camera systems are specially designed for use inside premises for various applications. Indoor systems are available with 4, 6, 8, or even 16 cameras, along with an associated Digital Video Recorder. This enables you to quickly install a suitable CCTV network even without extensive DIY knowledge. The majority of the systems we stock are capable of high-definition video recording and come packed with tons of functionality, such as infrared night vision and multi-channel support.

Multi-Camera CCTV Systems

Aside from the practical security benefits of CCTV systems, one of the advantages of purchasing a ready-to-install kit is that you can choose the perfect system for your environment and application. You have complete freedom to add any additional cameras and devices, plus you can choose from dome, turret, and bullet camera designs, depending on your preferences. This gives you plenty of flexibility to grow as your security needs change.

CCTV Camera Functionality

Although CCTV cameras vary and come with different functionality depending on the model, the majority have several core features to enhance your security capabilities. Typical functionality includes HD video capture, day and night infrared LED night vision, weather resistance, armoured camera housing, motorised lenses, ‘pan, tilt, and zoom’, and even the ability to view footage via a smartphone application. We are happy to help you choose the perfect cameras for your project. Feel free to get in touch with us to speak to our friendly, experienced team.

DVR Functionality

All our kits come with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that allows you to store and back up your video footage for evidence purposes. The DVRs in our kits are multi-channel and enable you to add cameras and scale your installation. Each can handle a 1TB or larger HHD, enough for many hours worth of stored footage. Most DVRs can be connected to a mouse and keyboard for easy administration and have features such as privacy masking, motion detection, FTP upload, and multiple output ports, including HDMI, VGA, and BNC.