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CCTV Security

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV as we better know will watch over your premises 24/7. A basic surveillance system will consist of at least one security camera and a digital or analogue recorder connected together using various accessories and cables. It can allow you to review an incident whether it is a criminal activity or an item which has been innocently misplaced. CCTV is a powerful security device as it enables police and members of the public to answer the questions What? Who? and Where?

Surveillance Cameras

Protecting your home or business has never been more important than in this current economical climate where crimes such as theft and anti-social behavior are prevalent. You may have an intruder alarm fitted in your property but if you have never considered installing a surveillance system there has never been a more appropriate time. Security cameras are becoming common place in homes and businesses in fact in the UK alone there are now over 4 million cameras in operation. There are more cameras per person in the UK than anywhere else in the world which only goes to prove the confidence people have in these devices.

Digital Recorder

Through breakthroughs in technology, CCTV systems are easier to setup and manage than ever before the digital video recorder has been one of the most radical developments in the security industry. These digital video recorders allow users to record footage captured by there surveillance cameras without having to switch any tapes or make any setting adjustments to the DVR. This enables users to carry on with their day and only touch the DVR when they need to review an incident or export recordings to external media.


To connect your cameras to your DVR you will require a number of accessories to get your security system up and running. Modern improvements with these accessories allow users who are new to CCTV the opportunity to install there own system without having to budget for a professional installation team. The plug and play cable is one of the most popular accessories for our domestic customers. These cables enable home owners who have no knowledge of electrics or security installations the ability to fit a complete CCTV kit with very little hassle and maximum affordability.

Home Security

Many of our customers are home owners looking for CCTV to increase security around the home. We understand that you, the home owner takes security just as seriously as our business customers. We also understand that you may have limited knowledge of this industry, that is why we are always on hand to offer you as much advice as you need. If you are looking for a system to install in your home speak to one of our team who will be glad to advise you every step of the way, from design to installation.

Spy Cameras

There is a growing demand for spy cameras which consist of a surveillance camera and mini DVR built in to a deceptive package and made to resemble an everyday object such as a tissue box or digital clock. These surveillance cameras are used for covert applications where a hidden camera is required.