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DoorKnox Video Entry Systems

DoorKnox is a low cost feature packed video door entry system. In its basic format it consists of one monitor located inside a property and a camera with a "call button" on the outside of the property, for example in an entrance. When someone presses the call-button it chimes the monitor and the person inside can see the visitor. A two way intercom allows the occupier to chat to the visitor if they choose to and they can then remotely operate a door release to let the visitor in.

The DoorKnox system also records the visitor if you are out so you can see who's been. It can store a small amount of video (Two minutes) or around 80 images on a removable SD card inside the monitor. You can play them directly from the monitor or you could take the micro SD card out and review the footage on a PC/Laptop.

When you are out the DoorKnox system is also designed to remotely notify you if someone is at your property. To take advantage of this feature you need to link the DoorKnox to the Alien DVR. It works as follows; The DoorKnox has an alarm output and a video output that you would connect to the DVR. When someone presses the push button one the DoorKnox camera it would "alarm" the DVR. The DVR then would record the visitor and if set to do so also email you three snap shots from the camera so you can pick up these on your phone! It's really clever as you could then log into the DVR via the alien phone app and see and hear live video and audio from the DoorKnox camera!

You can even remotely open a door using your smart phone. Again you will use the Alien DVR phone app and its relay controls to open the door. You will need to fit a suitable electromechanical lock to the door as well.

You can use the DoorKnox as an access control point with a key pad or entry card. Installing our VDP103 DoorKnox camera with coded key fob/card reader allows yourself, staff or residents an easy and simple way to enter and unlock a door or gate. It is a very flexible low cost system which is very easy to fit. A basic system uses a four core cable between the camera and monitor so its a doddle.

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DoorKnox Extra Fob for VDP103

Price £11.99 (£14.39 Inc. VAT)
Recessed Wall Mount for Door Entry Camera VDP101

Price £24.99 (£29.99 Inc. VAT)
DoorKnox Traditional Video Door Entry Camera

Price £59.99 (£71.99 Inc. VAT)
DoorKnox Wide Angle Video Door Entry Camera

Price £69.99 (£83.99 Inc. VAT)
Doorknox Video Door Entry 4 inch Monitor

Price £89.99 (£107.99 Inc. VAT)
DoorKnox Basic Video Door Entry Kit

Price £99.99 (£119.99 Inc. VAT)
DoorKnox Keypad Video Door Entry Camera

Price £109.99 (£131.99 Inc. VAT)
Doorknox video door entry 7 inch monitor

Price £129.99 (£155.99 Inc. VAT)
DoorKnox video door entry 10 inch monitor

Price £149.99 (£179.99 Inc. VAT)
Doorknox Basic Dual Camera Video Door Entry Kit

Price £169.99 (£203.99 Inc. VAT)
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