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Latest Crime Data: Tales From The Country

The impact of rural crime.

  • Rural Crime is on the rise, fueling anger and frustration within these isolated communities.
  • 69% of Specific Rural business owners (such as farmers) have been a victim of crime in the last 12 months.Of these businesses, 57% were impacted financially, with an average cost of £4800 per victim.
  • 6 in 10 Rural Businesses are victims of fly tipping, costing an average of over £1000 per offence

Less than 40% of Rural Business owners currently use CCTV on their premises. Less than 20% have signage in place for deterring crime and 70% have installed security lighting to help prevent crime.

With the latest worrying news of a rise in rural crime, here's a quick summary of the top tips from police on how to help keep your property and business safe.

1. Immobilise vehicles or plant when not in use and keep out of sight from the road.

2. Keep tools locked up out of sight away from the eyes of opportunist thieves.

3. Oil tanks are a target so use a closed shackle padlock to help prevent access and fit a gauge that will alert you if the level drops rapidly. Look for padlocks with features such as an anti-drill cylinder and a hardened steel cover.

4. Keep boundaries in good repair. Use capping hinges so gates can't be removed easily. Use locking posts to obstruct large openings. Consider installing a NPR or ANPR camera to monitor vehicle number plates and help prevent fly tipping on your property.

5. Install CCTV surveillance and a burglar alarm. Increase your CCTV presence with extra dummy cameras and CCTV signage.

6. Fit British Standard deadlocks to all outside doors and always use them. Reinforce them further with bolts. Fit a security chain and wide-angle door viewer or a video door entry system, so you can see who is there. Fit window locks too.

7. Overdo the security lighting; it's a cheap but effective deterrent.

8. Consider getting a safe for valuables and keys to vehicles or gun cabinets.

9. Never show opportunist burglars you're not there by leaving notes for trader, etc. When you're away ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the property. Join or create a closed Facebook group with your neighbours so you can watch each other's backs and homes!

10. Store any valuable equipment and tools in a secure building with a sturdy, locked door. Use British Standard locks, good quality locking bars and high security padlocks. Windows can be protected with metal bars. Always lock outbuildings when they're not in use.