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Modern CCTV Recording Devices

The following blog looks at the old fashioned method for recording CCTV images compared to the more modern digital recording method. Below we highlight the advantages of the modern devices.

The traditional way of recording your CCTV images involved using a time lapse video system and long play 360 minute tapes. However even using motion detection mode, tapes needed to be changed round regularly which is an inconvenience.

The most popular modern day CCTV recorder is the digital video recorder better known as a CCTV DVR. This will record images and sound for over one year depending on the model and the size of the hard drive storage. In fact the bigger the hard drive to more data it will store and so the more recording space you will have.

Modern CCTV DVR's are capable of Duplex recording mode which means they will record images and let you playback recordings at the same time. More advanced CCTV recorders will allow you to connect to them over the internet to allow you to view and playback recorded images from anywhere in the world. Depending on the model you can even playback recordings and control PTZ CCTV Cameras whilst it continues to record even if your in another country. If you would like this sort of functioning for your surveillance system then you will need to look for a DVR that supports Hexaplex, Pentaplex or Triplex operation.

A budget option is to consider fitting a CCTV PCI card into your existing PC which will then use your PC hard drive to store the CCTV images. This PCI card needs to be fitted inside the PC into one of the PCI slots in your PC. The security cameras then connect directly into this PCI card. The PCI card manages the cameras images and then the images are stored on the computers hard disc drive. This obviously saves a lot of money on hardware but there are disadvantages mainly compatibility issues. You also need some knowledge of how to correctly install the PCI card without damaging your computer or voiding your warranty.

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