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Benefits Of Installing CCTV Signs

CCTV Signs can be very effective for deterring potential criminal activity. You may be unable to afford to install a fully working surveillance system so you could just display a CCTV sign to scare opportunistic criminals away from entering your property. This is a cost effective way of helping to secure your property but is by no means guaranteed security as many criminals can see after closer inspection that there are no cameras in operation. Displaying a CCTV sign at the boundary of your property would help deter criminals who were unable to see over your hedges or security gates.

If you do have a CCTV system operating on your premises it is your duty and obligation to ensure you have sufficient signage in place as the use of CCTV is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998, which protects the rights and privacy of living individuals and ensures that, wherever possible, personal data is not processed without an individuals knowledge or consent. One of the ways to do this is to make sure you have the right level of CCTV warning signs positioned in the most appropriate places. These CCTV signs should be installed in a position where they can easily be seen by anyone entering a monitored area. We usually advise you to install them at head height and make sure they are a size that is easy for Joe public to read.

Most CCTV suppliers will be able to sell you signs and advise you on the best way to keep your application "data protection compliant".

So in a nutshell CCTV signs are vital in making sure you conform to Health and Safety protocol and remain data protection compliant. They are also necessary for warning honest members of the public that they are being monitored for there own safety and in the interests of crime prevention.

We have a wide selection of CCTV signs on our website and more information regarding the implementation and benefits of installing them. We can also advise you on keeping your security system data protection compliant.