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IP CCTV Surveillance

In this section, we feature our range of IP CCTV surveillance recorders and system kits. IP CCTV is a popular and effective choice if you want modern functionality alongside first-rate HD video recording. Working on the Internet Protocol (IP), IP CCTV recorders can send and receive data across a LAN or a WAN. This provides many advantages over traditional analogue CCTV systems.

Advantages of IP CCTV

The two major benefits of IP CCTV are high-quality video recording and Internet connectivity. Systems comprising IP cameras and IP Network Video Recorders (NVRs) provide superior resolution and crystal clear video recording, giving you super sharp imagery to detect crime and collect vital evidence.

There are numerous other benefits as well, such as the ease of installation and the ability to quickly access live video feeds or saved recordings from anywhere with an Internet connection. IP CCTV recorders are available in both wired and wireless variants, giving you plenty of flexibility in terms of installation within your premises.

IP Network Video Recorders

Our IP NVRs enable you to collect footage from IP cameras and store this locally on a hard disk. You can view live and play back footage on a connected monitor, or even view footage away from the premises by using a mobile device. Many of our NVRs give you the ability to expand the storage capacity and feature video compression, giving you extra storage compared to traditional DVRs. Most of our models also enable automatic cloud upload for secure backup purposes. Additional features include Smart Motion Detection (SMD), USB drive backup, HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output, and more.

IP System Kits

Perhaps the simplest and stress-free way to get started with IP CCTV is to purchase an IP system kit. These ready-to-install kits contain a set allocation of IP cameras (usually dome, turret, or bullet) and an NVR recorder, perfect for commercial or residential use. This gives you everything you need to install an effective CCTV system within minutes. As your needs change or your business grows, it is super easy to add extra devices thanks to ‘plug and play’ functionality.

Future-Proofed IP Surveillance Systems

Since they use the latest technology, IP CCTV surveillance recorder and camera systems are an excellent choice if you are keen to future-proof your CCTV installation. While traditional analogue systems are often more affordable, they may not meet the needs of your organisation, especially over the long term. IP CCTV surveillance systems, on the other hand, can seamlessly integrate with your existing LAN or WAN setup, whether you are a business or a homeowner.

DTS Digital Are Experts In IP CCTV Systems

For more information on IP CCTV recorders or ready-to-install IP CCTV systems, get in touch with us today at DTS Digital. Our knowledgeable staff can help you to find the perfect installation to meet your needs. Besides this, we offer lifetime product support and a 30-day ‘peace of mind’ return policy as standard. Spend over £250 on IP NVRs or IP camera kits to benefit from free delivery.

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AI Technology

Our AI HD-IP NVRs support inteligent features such as smart perimater protection and smart motion detection. Smart motion detection (SMD) boasts an accuracy of up to 90% which filters false alarms and only report true motion events.

IP NVR Recorders
Network Video Recorders (NVR's) store video footage locally on the internal hard drive but images can also be stored remotely. With our NVR's the user can also playback recorded images and control PTZ cameras whilst the unit continues to record.
IP Systems
Our IP system kits come complete with everything you need to setup and operate an IP surveillance system for your home or business. Capture and record images at up to 1080p high definition resolution.
Xvision IP System Kits

Our Xvision IP system kits provide the ultimate protection for your premises, with complete systems ranging from one camera to 32 we have a solution for all applications.