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CCTV - Stop Interference In Its Tracks

Grainy images, ghosting, B&W pictures, tearing or no image at all, no installer wants to witness these scenes when they're setting up a new CCTV system or even worse be called back to a job as the symptoms have appeared overnight.

Use this five point checklist and combat interference for good after all prevention is better than cure..

1) Use a multimeter or test monitor to check the voltage at the end of your cable run, cover any photocells on cameras to force the IR LED's on so you can be sure your camera is getting enough power.

2) Check your connections are good, a strand of foil braid touching the centre copper core of the co-ax can result in a short and display a black screen.

3) If you've opted for CAT5 and baluns, double check you have wired your cores in the right order at both ends.

4) Look for site factors that might cause interference such as heavy duty machinery and lighting. They may affect your picture if they are too close to your cable run so factor this in at the planning stage.

5) Make sure you keep a Humbloc Groundloop isolator in your tool box, if you can't avoid the problem then at least this handy little device will help cure groundloop issues in seconds.