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CCTV Recorders

CCTV recorders are the modern surveillance recording solution. All footage is stored digitally and can easily be backed up on to USB stick or CD / DVD depending on the specifications. We stock a wide range of CCTV DVRs including 1,4,8,16 and 32 channel standalone devices and portable units ideal for covert and vehicle surveillance. A digital video recorder stores all the surveillance footage on a hard drive which is in built in the DVR. This means the system operator does not have to be concerned about switching cassette tapes like they once did with traditional surveillance systems. Whether you are looking for H.264 technology or you require a HD model which is capable of supporting a HDMI monitor our range is well worth a look.

DVR's can generally be split in to two groups, standalone "blackbox" ones and "PC based ones". In our opinion, PC based DVR's are simply PCs that run software on them and you have all the associated with that such as glitches, crashes, freezing screens and boot up problems!

Our DVR's allow the simultaneous recording of multiple security cameras and some even allow simultaneous multi-channel playback. Individual camera channels can be programmed to record constantly or can be triggered to record when there is movement detected via in-built "motion detection" or "alarm" functionality.

If high capacity hard drives are fitted in a DVR, recordings can be kept for months before they are automatically overwritten.

Our DVR's can be connected to a network so images from them can be viewed on a PC. This can be via a home or office network or over the internet. Images can even be seen using a mobile phone and images stored on the phone for future use. This functionality also means that pan tilt and zoom cameras as well as other remote devices can be operated via a networked DVR.

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