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Portable DVR

Portable DVR's can be used anywhere which makes them great for vehicle, mobile and covert surveillance. We have portable wildlife camera recorder which is designed to be installed in your garden to watch fox's, badgers and other nocturnal animals.

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Replacement adhesive mounts for BlackSys

Price Email for pricing
Micro SD card adaptor

Price £2.34 (£2.81 Inc. VAT)
Standard tripod adaptor

Price £3.85 (£4.62 Inc. VAT)
GoPro compatible mount

Price £3.85 (£4.62 Inc. VAT)
Adhesive pad

Price £3.85 (£4.62 Inc. VAT)
4GB Micro SD card

Price £6.00 (£7.20 Inc. VAT)
AV cable for BlackSys In Car Camera

Price £6.99 (£8.39 Inc. VAT)
Micro HDMI lead

Price £7.05 (£8.46 Inc. VAT)
Battery charger

Price £7.69 (£9.23 Inc. VAT)
Li-ion battery

Price £8.46 (£10.15 Inc. VAT)
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