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HD-TVI CCTV Equipment

Here, we showcase HD-TVI CCTV equipment, suitable for business and residential use. HD-TVI cameras and DVR recorders work with a wide range of compatible devices from multiple brands, making them a solid choice no matter what the application. In particular, HD-TVI gives you the option to upgrade to an HD system without the need to replace existing coaxial cables. The system also provides the highest resolution possible over coaxial cables at up to 1080p with longer cable runs.

What Are HD-TVI CCTV Systems?

A High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) system provides video and audio transmission over standard coaxial cables. It allows you to connect CCTV cameras to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and record high-definition video footage at up to 500-metre distances. The system is cost-effective when compared to more modern IP CCTV installations yet can still support high-definition video. The cost benefits and flexibility are key reasons why HD-TVI is popular for many applications.

HD-TVI For Long Distance Transmission

HD-TVI is a popular and attractive option for business applications because the technology is easy to install and can transmit across relatively long distances without a loss of quality. This makes it ideal for companies that need to monitor large areas or multiple buildings. The ease of integration with extra devices, such as alarm and access control systems, makes it ideal as part of a complete security installation.

HD-TVI Cameras

The range of HD-TVI cameras we stock are from many of the industry’s leading brands, such as Qvis, IRLAB, and SPRO. Available in dome, bullet, and turret configurations, many of our cameras have wide-ranging functionality, such as anti-vandal housing, IR night vision for capturing footage in low lighting conditions, IP66 weatherproofing, and Smart Motion Detection, to name a few. HD-TVI compatibility means you can use any camera with any of our HD-TVI DVRs.

HD-TVI Recorders

Our HD-TVI Digital Video Recorders are all capable of recording high-quality footage at up to 1080p. Cameras are easily connected to the DVR using coaxial cables. We stock DVRs that can handle between 4 and 32 channels, giving you the ability to expand in the future or establish a small or large CCTV network to meet your needs. Typical features available on our HD-TVI DVRs include the support for multiple transmission formats, H265 video compression, multi HDD slots, and more.

Need Help With HD-TVI CCTV Systems?

If you require help with choosing an HD-TVI system or any associated equipment, get in touch with us today at DTS Digital. We have great knowledge of all the items we stock and can help you find the perfect CCTV configuration to meet your requirements, whether that be for business or residential use. We aim to provide you with high-quality, cutting-edge CCTV systems at the most competitive price in the UK. Besides this, we offer lifetime product support and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our CCTV equipment. Our friendly staff are waiting to assist you.

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HD-TVI Cameras
The TVI range of CCTV cameras utilise HD-TVI technology to transmit full 1080p HD video signals over Co-ax cable. HD-TVI offers many benefits and provides great value for money.
HD-TVI Recorders
We have a wide range of TVI recorders all capable of recording footage at 1080p resolution from manufacturers such as Alien, Qvis and Hikvision.