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HD-TVI Cameras

The TVI range of CCTV cameras utilise HD-TVI technology to transmit full 1080p HD video signals over Co-ax cable. HD-TVI offers many benefits and provides great value for money. 1080p TVI images are a staggering 20x the quality of basic CIF analogue. What’s more the TVI signal has a high resistance to electro magnetic interference (EMI), allowing for cable runs of up to 500m without the need for amplifiers or repeaters. There are also no complicated skills or techniques to learn as TVI installations use the same Co-ax cable and BNC connectors as analogue installs. As TVI still uses 75 ohm Co-ax cable it is easy to upgrade older systems without having to rewire. HD-TVI is a great choice as it is fast becoming the global standard for HD CCTV. Unlike proprietary technologies such as HD-CVI which are only supported by a single manufacturer, HD-TVI is supported by many.

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OYN-X INT-TVI2-FW-V2 2.2MP TVI Internal Dome Camera

Price £49.99 (£59.99 Inc. VAT)
OYN-X P400-TVI2-FG 2.2MP TVI Bullet Camera

Price £49.99 (£59.99 Inc. VAT)
OYN-X VAN-TVI2-FW 2.2MP TVI Vandal Dome Camera

Price £49.99 (£59.99 Inc. VAT)
OYN-X EYE-TVI2-VFG/W-V2 2.2MP TVI Dome Camera

Price £54.99 (£65.99 Inc. VAT)
OYN-X VAN-TVI2-VFW 2.2MP TVI Vandal Dome Camera

Price £54.99 (£65.99 Inc. VAT)
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