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CCTV Baluns

When using CAT5 cables for your surveillance system you will require the use of a balun. This device turns the unbalanced signal mode carried down the CAT5 cable in to a balanced signal. Many users prefer the implementation of CAT5 cable and baluns because they offer a much more reliable signal and better image quality over long cable runs over the more traditional co-ax type cables.

Transmission over CAT5 using a CCTV balun offers better performance on long cable runs where a standard RG59 cable will lose signal. Baluns are very easy to install and will help improve the quality of your video signal on cable runs of 100m to 1KM depending on the balun you purchase. CCTV Baluns are capable of transmitting signals from multiple security cameras down one single cable thus simplifying CCTV installations.

We have a large range of baluns in stock which include passive (No power) and active (Power required). CCTV cameras connect to these baluns via BNC connectors and the CAT5 connections are made using built in terminal strip or RJ45 socket.

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Passive Balun with Terminal Connection

Price £4.95 (£5.94 Inc. VAT)
BNC to RJ45 video balun - Supports HD & Analogue

Price £5.99 (£7.19 Inc. VAT)
BNC to terminal video balun

Price £5.99 (£7.19 Inc. VAT)
BNC to terminal balun with lead

Price £5.99 (£7.19 Inc. VAT)
Genie Single Port Passive AHD Video UTP Balun

Price £5.99 (£7.19 Inc. VAT)
BNC & data to RJ45 balun with lead

Price £6.00 (£7.20 Inc. VAT)
BNC & power to RJ45 balun with lead

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
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