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20m Plug & Play BNC Video and Power Cable

Product ID CAB20
Price : £13.99 (£16.79 Inc. VAT)
  • High grade cable
  • BNC Cable for video
  • Low loss 2.5dB per 100m 
  • Solid copper core for long runs
  • Bonded aluminium foil
  • 0.12x48 Aluminium wire shield
  • DC Power Cable
  • Easy plug & play connection
  • No tools required
  • Two cables in one saves installation time and cost
  • 1 Year Warranty

This CCTV Cable is designed to carry the video signal and power between the CCTV camera and the CCTV DVR. It is terminated with industry standard BNC adaptors and industry standard DC power connectors. Our easy fit CCTV cable requires no tools, it is just simply a plug & play connection. An excellent choice for users looking to install there own CCTV system. Transports high quality video signal over short and long runs. If you are powering your cameras from a remote location commonly where your DVR is sited you will need a cable that can carry both the video and power back to that location. 

If you require longer cable lengths these cables can easily be joined. At one end of the cable there is a DC power socket and on the other a DC power plug, this allows the cables to be joined end to end. To connect the BNC connector to another you will require an BNC incline adaptor.

Sheath Colour Black
Core 0.405mm Solid Copper Core
Shield 0.12x48 Aluminium Wires
Power 2 power cores with PVC insullation
Power Core Size 0.19mm x 16 copper
Colours Red=12v Black=0v
Size 6mm Dia
Cable Length 20m

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