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How can using a UPS make your DVR more reliable?

The actual use of a UPS with a DVR will dramatically improve its perceived reliability. By this we mean each time the DVR is inadvertently switched off due to a power cut or end-user error the file that it is processing at the time is not quite written and can be corrupted. This is one more task the DVR has to manage and leads to intermittent operation when it can’t find files etc. It’s no different to regularly switching a PC off at the wall socket rather than using the correct “shutdown” routine, the PC would soon start playing up if you did this. If you do this continually with a DVR eventually you will get so much corruption on the HD you will need to default the DVR and erase the HD. A UPS will help stop the DVR being switched on and off by mistake and also prevent those mains transients and spikes that can be flying about getting to the DVR.
If you think a DVR has been incorrectly powered down and is now behaving erratically please follow the following routine.
1.  Set up the correct T&D - ALWAYS do this first!
2.  Erase the HD
3.  Default the unit
4.  Set the DVR up with the correct settings
5.  If the BIOS has been corrupted, please re-install the latest version

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UPS 1000VA - 3 Outputs

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CCTV Power Backup UPS 800VA - 3 Outputs

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OYN-X Power Watchman UPSs-RT5K 5000VA/3500W LINE INTERACTIVE

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