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CCTV Cable Clips

We have cable clips which are suitable for RG59 cable, dual shotgun cable, PTZ cable and CAT5 cable. They are designed specically for use with CCTV cable allowing you to finish your installation with neat cable runs. If you would like to ensure your CCTV install looks professional we recommend our cable clips. They are designed specifically for CCTV cables and will allow you to pin your long cable runs to walls and ceilings ensuring your cables stay out of harms way.
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Cable Clips For Mini RG59 Coax Cable

Price £8.99 (£10.79 Inc. VAT)
Cable Clips For RG59+2 Composite

Price £8.99 (£10.79 Inc. VAT)
Cable Clips For PTZ Combo Cable

Price £8.99 (£10.79 Inc. VAT)
Cable Clips For CAT5 And Twisted Pair

Price £8.99 (£10.79 Inc. VAT)