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CCTV Lenses

With such a large selection of CCTV camera lenses to choose from, we are confident we will have a lens to suit every application. Please speak to one of our knowledgeable security advisors who can provide you with expert advice when selecting a lens. This will enable you to find the lens that will give you the precise angle and range of view required for your camera.

Our lenses will fit all security and video cameras on the market with a CS-mount fitting. This ensures they can be used with any box/traditional style camera and can be fitted by users with limited knowledge of video equipment.

All our lenses feature glass optics and rugged metal construction for maximum durability making them suitable for most environments. They are also supplied with up to three years manufacturers warranty giving you peace of mind.

If you need a lens for your HD camera our Megapixel lenses will provide you with the crystal clarity required and in a choice of varifocal options.

You may need a lens that will operate in ever-changing light conditions, for this, we recommend one of direct drive (DD) auto iris (AI) lenses which will automatically adjust in varying light levels. These can be purchased in either fixed or varifocal options. You can read further detail on the types of lens available here.

Bear in mind, when choosing a camera lens that the smaller the angle of view the greater the magnification, and as the angle of view is increased the overall distance of view is reduced. Finding the sweet spot is key when selecting your lens. You can consult our guide here to better understand this rule.


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2.8mm Board Lens

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
Board Lens - Choice Of Lens Sizes

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
6mm Board Lens

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
8mm Board Lens

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
12mm Board Lens

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
16mm Board Lens

Price £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
4mm Fixed Iris Lenses

Price £14.99 (£17.99 Inc. VAT)
6mm Fixed Iris Lens

Price £14.99 (£17.99 Inc. VAT)
8mm Fixed Iris Lens

Price £14.99 (£17.99 Inc. VAT)
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