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CCTV Glossary F to J

The Ratio of Focal Length to the diameter of the lens. The smaller the
F-Stop number, the more light is passed.
Field Of View
The view of the camera - in relation to the angle of view and distance
of the object from the lens.
A frame consists of 2 interlaces fields. 25 Frames are created every
Frame Rate
The quality of a Digital Surveillance Systems is often determined by
the Total Frame Rate it can record at. The higher the Frame Rate, the
higher the quality of recording and the more Real Time your CCTV recording
will be - Real Time recording for 1 camera is 25 Frames Per Second (PAL).
IP Camera
A CCTV Camera that can transmit video and audio over TCP/IP network. An IP Camera can connect to a local network and streams it's video over the network to a Network Video Recorder.
IP Rating
Ingress Protection Scale - 2 numbers indicating the protection level
of an outside enclosure - e.g. IP68
IR Cut Filter
An IR Cut Filter is an extra filter inside the camera that moves behind
the camera lens when it gets dark. A camera with an IR Cut Filter will
produce very high quality images in low light conditions.
Device inside a lens which opens and closes as light conditions change
which adjusts the amount of light passed
Joint Photographic Experts Group - an image compression technique used
for still images