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IP-Mule - IP Down Co-ax - Supplied As A Pair

Product ID IP-MULE
Price : £109.99 (£131.99 Inc. VAT)

A pair of IP Mules - Send IP cameras down CO-AX, alarm cable and telephone cable! The IP Mule doesn't mind!

Simply connect an IP Mule to either end of the cable and you get a network created from one end to the other! It can be used for IP cameras or any other network device you want to connect.
There is no complex set up at all, just set one mule to be the TX and set the other to be an RX.
You can even send multiple IP cameras down the one cable using multiple IP Mules, the only limiting factor is the cable type you are using limits the bandwidth available. So for example 300m of RG59 has a maximum bandwidth of 100 Mbps. This would allow up to 100/5 = 20 x 1.3MP IP-cameras or 10 x 2MP IP-cameras. Cable quality can vary tremendously so this is only a guide.
All the IP Mules are identical, each having a switch on it to make it in to either a TX (Transmitter) or an RX (Receiver). You can buy the mules in singles or pairs depending on your requirements. For single IP Mules see product code IP-TX101.
  • Easy to expand existing systems
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Sold in pairs or individually
  • No need for extra cables
  • Each unit can switch between TX & RX
  • Long distance transmission
  • Multiple IP camera transmission
  • CO-AX, CAT5/6, Alarm & Telephone Cable
  • BNC Terminal Adaptor Supplied
  • UP to 20 cameras down 1 cable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Type of Input RJ45 or BNC
  • Type of Output BNC or RJ45
  • Power 12v DC @ 250mA
  • PSU 2.1mm DC PSU Required
  • Case Aluminium
  • Dimensions 111mm(L) x 64mm(W) x 24mm(D)

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