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Lighter with Video & Audio Recording

Product ID SPY120
Price : £29.99 (£35.99 Inc. VAT)
  • A high quality spy camera that looks like a stylish lighter
  • Detailed construction that stands up to prolonged scrutiny
  • Hidden pinhole lens and microphone built in to the base of the lighter
  • Records AVI video at 30fps in 720 x 580 resolution
  • Takes still photos at 1280 x 960 resolution (1.3 mega pixel photos)
  • View captured pictures on your Windows computer
  • Connects to PC using USB 2.0 cable (included)
  • Charges over USB for 2 hours of recording
  • Stores recordings on micro SD cards up to 16GB capacity
  • Functions as a webcam when connected to PC
  • 58 x 38 x 13mm size
  • One year warranty

The ideal camera for regular surveillance

You can find spy cameras designed to look like almost anything, from pens to USB drives and key fobs. Lighters are particularly common, as they are one of those objects that many people carry with them at all times. But if you choose a spy camera disguised as a disposable lighter, you may raise suspicion when you continue to use it for months on end. With a black, reusable “Zippo-style” construction, this spy camera can be used to record audio and video in secret time and time again.

An undetectable pinhole lens

For a spy camera, balancing lens size against recording quality is a complex art. You need a lens that is capable of recording the highest quality footage, without being large enough to raise alarm. This lighter spy camera uses an almost undetectable pinhole lens, but still records video at an impressive 750 x 580 resolution.

A multipurpose recording device for at home or on the move

Most of our customers choose our spy cameras because they need to gather evidence in full view of the people they are watching. However, this spy camera offers a range of functions for covert recording and home use. In addition to capturing video, you can also take still photos and record crystal-clear audio. What’s more, once you connect the device to your laptop or PC, you can use it as a standard webcam to conduct online discussions. It’s everything you need in a convenient, covert casing.

Included In The Box

1 x Spy Camera Lighter Recorder
1 x USB PC Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Retail box

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