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Video & Audio Recording USB Drive Motion Detection Spy Camera

Product ID SPY380
Price : £19.99 (£23.99 Inc. VAT)

  • A USB drive that covertly records audio, video, or still images
  • Support for motion detection
  • 1280 x 960 AVI video for HD video
  • 1600 x 1200 JPEG photos for clear, crisp image capture
  • Options for combined or individual recording modes
  • Charges over USB (integrated)
  • Charge from your laptop or PC
  • Can record while charging
  • User friendly plug and play operation
  • Uses SD card storage up to 16GB
  • One year warranty

A 100% concealed spy camera

One common trait of spy cameras is the use of a blinking LED. Whenever the LED comes on, you know that recording is in progress and footage is being captured. But while it can be useful to know what your device is doing, a flashing LED has the tendency to draw unwanted attention. This spy camera, which is disguised as a standard USB pen drive, offers complete concealment with no blinking lights.

Charge and record at the same time

Experts in surveillance know that gathering evidence successfully means locating your recording devices in the best places. Where better to hide a spy camera that looks like a USB drive than in the USB socket of your laptop or desktop PC? When you plug the drive into any USB slot, it will automatically begin charging its integrated battery. But – uniquely – you can also trigger a recording at the same time, capturing the footage you need while preparing the device for later surveillance.

Three recording modes in one spy camera

To get the most from your spy camera, you need to capture the evidence you need in the most efficient way. If you were to record video when all you needed was an image, you’d quickly see the battery life run down and your storage capacity get used up. To help, the USB drive spy camera can record videos, images, or standalone audio. You can choose the recording mode that suits your situation, not just the one that fits the limitations of your camera.

Package Includes

1 x HD Spy camera recorder (Memory card not included)
1 x USB Extension Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Retail Box

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