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Alien Professional Hybrid 4 Channel CCTV DVR

Product ID ALIEN504
Price : £30.00 (£36.00 Inc. VAT)

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  • Operates up to 4 cameras
  • 4 Channel Realtime audio 
  • Triplex, Record, Play and Remote Access 
  • Connect to it from anywhere in the world to view live images and audio via internet explorer
  • FREE client software to enable remote connection over the internet 
  • View live images on your mobile smart phone
  • Realtime recording and viewing all channels
  • Up to D1 Recording 
  • Cutting edge H264 compression for increased HDD capacity
  • Twice as much recording time as MPEG type DVR’s
  • Video motion detection and alarm notification
  • Single, Quad, 8 and 16 way display
  • Complete with a built in DVD writer for straight forward back-up
  • USB backup and Networked PC backup 
  • 8 Terabyte HD capacity
  • Fastest network connection available
  • Remote relay control
  • Mobile phone connection included
  • Free mobile phone software worth £200
  • Multi DVR time sync
  • Selectable spot monitor out
  • VGA Connection
  • Two way audio
  • NAS-Network and local HD storage
  • PTZ Camera control
  • Advanced high end DVR
  • FREE Remote control
  • FREE Mouse for easy control
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Alien Pro is a HIGH-END DVR aimed at installations requiring more than is currently available from other DVR manufacturers. Perfect for retail chains, secure installations and very high end domestics. And now with e-mail notification of alarm events.

* Superior Performance * Superior Features * Superior Value *

Remote real-time viewing & playback

From anywhere in the world, you can see live or recorded images from the alienPro DVR. You can even hear sound too!

Control Devices Remotely

Using the remote control relays, you can connect to the alienPro DVR via a PC or laptop and switch up to 4 relays on or off.

See Live Images on your Mobile Phone

Using the latest Smart phones, you can even view a live video transmission from your CCTV cameras. The DVR is supplied with free easy to install software for your mobile phone for live viewing (2FPS) of your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world. Basic phone requirements are: Smart phone with the ability to display video using 3G.

Auto Time Sync

The AlienPro can be configured to have its time and date regularly updated via a networked PC. On installations with multiple DVRS all the DVRs can be automatically updated so that they are all in Sync with each other.

Remote Data Store

In addition to its own massive storage (up to 8TB) the alienPro can also back files to a PC or server. IpdataStore software (order code SOFT888) is installed on the PC, which allows it to simultaneously record live images from the cameras connected to the DVR for a secondary backup. Ipdatastore can connect to more than one DVR so it can backup multiple DVRs at once. The IPDataStore Software is an optional extra to the alienPro.

Easy to use client software

The IPpowerVision client software is easy to use with its intuitive and friendly layout. Supplied free with the DVR it enables uses to remotely connect to the alienPro over a local area network or over the Internet. Users can see live images, playback recorded ones even control PTZ cameras or switch on lights!. Often the alienPro may be installed in a "safe location" and users access the DVR menus and watch realtime images solely via a networked PC. Password protection allows complete control of user rights.

To run the client software we recommend a minimum computer hardware of Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz CPU; 512 Ram; Windows 2000; IE 5.0; 1024 x 768, 16 bit screen resolution; 75Mb of disc space minimum; And a graphics card with ATI or NVIDIA chip sets supporting DirectX video overlay.

Multi-Channel Simultaneous Playback

The multi-screen playback mode allows the user to watch an event unfold on a group of cameras rather than wasting time starting and stopping individual channel playback. By double clicking on any of the small playback windows a full sized replay of that camera is triggered.

Dual Backup option

The alienPro has a built in DVD writer so that evidence can be easily written to a blank DVD for archiving or for the police to use in relation to a crime. Before the DVD is written by the DVR it presents the user with a choice of two formats H264 or AVI.

H264 can be used to store large amounts of video data on to the DVD as it boasts a high compression ratio and the stored data can be replayed using the free client software.

AVI format is used to give to the police as evidence as it can be played in modern household DVD player that is DivX capable or played by standard media player (DivX enabled)

Easy to Use OSD

The alienPRO DVR has been designed using the latest graphics in an easy to follow, logical format. Intuitive icons allow quick navigation to the required menu of choice.


By connecting a microphone locally to the DVR and wiring a tannoy system from the DVR to a surveillance area, the CCTV operator can talk back to an area.

Real-Time Recording of Video & Audio

The ability to record realtime sound and vision continuously put the alienPro in a league of its own when combined with its other innovative features.

Tri-Stream Technology

The innovative alienPro uses tri-stream technology enabling high quality video recording locally at the DVR and lowered resolution transmission to networked PCs or a mobile phone at rates that won't cause bandwidth issues. So you can have you cake and eat it!

Control over PTZ cameras locally and over the internet

The alienPRO DVR can be used as a method for the CCTV operator to control Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras on the system.

Up to D1 Resolution

The Alien Pro series use the Texas DM 64x series chip set.

Ultra long Data Storage

With up to 8 TERABYTES of internal hard drive storage possible within the alien Pro and the very latest H264 Compression technology it provides the perfect CCTV data storage solution for many businesses.

Easy Back-Up of Data

Depending on size you can back up to; DVD, External Hard Drive or USB Pen Drive.

Multiple DVRs Managed as One

The IPPowerVision software allows simultaneous connection to multiple DVRs.

Allocate Different User Levels & Rights

Totally flexible, you can set up users and user rights to suit your application.

Video Motion Detection (VMD) & Alarm Notification

When an event occurs by VMD or eny other alarm input the alienPro will trigger and a warning will be sent to be remotely displayed on the users PC to alert them of an intrusion or event.

Multi-layered Electronic Mapping of Sites

EMaps can be embedded in to the superb alienPro client software to enable the user an easy way to select and see images from a camera in a simple & intuitive graphical user interface.

Video Inputs 4
Video in Connection BNC Socket
Audio Inputs 4
Audio Input Connection BNC Socket
Video Outputs 2
Video Out Connection BNC Socket
Audio Output 2
Audio Out Connection BNC Socket
recording Speed FPS Real Time 25 per channel
Compression MPEG-H264
Hard Drive Slots 8 or 4 with DVD writer
Max Drive Capacity 8TB ( 4TB with DVD Writer )
Drive Supplied None
Alarm Inputs 4
Alarm Outputs 4 with remote relay control
Remote Control Yes
CD Backup Built-in DVD Writer
USB Backup Yes
Network Connection RJ45
Motion Detect 396 points, 5 Levels
Screen Display Full/Quad/8/16
PTZ Support Yes
Mouse Control via USB
Free Client Software Yes
VGA Output Yes
HDD Interface S-ATA
Drive Form 3.5" x 1/3H
Dimensions W440mm x D470mm x H90mm

Days Recording per HDD for ALIEN504
Resolution FPS 80 Gb 160 Gb 250 Gb 320 Gb 400 Gb 500 Gb 750 Gb 1000 Gb
4CIF 6 3.2 6.5 10.3 13.2 16.4 20.5 30.8 41.2
2CIF 12 3.2 6.5 10.3 13.2 16.4 20.5 30.8 41.2
CIF 25 3.2 6.5 10.3 13.2 16.4 20.5 30.8 41.2
DCIF 6 5.2 10.5 16.4 21.0 26.3 32.9 49.4 65.9
2CIF 6 6.5 13.2 20.5 26.3 32.9 41.2 61.7 82.4
CIF 12 6.5 13.2 20.5 26.3 32.9 41.2 61.7 82.4
CIF 6 13.2 26.4 41.2 52.7 65.9 82.4 123.5 164.8
QCIF 25 13.2 26.4 41.2 52.7 65.9 82.4 123.5 164.8
QCIF 12 26.4 52.8 82.4 105.5 131.9 164.9 247.3 329.7
The above are based on continuous days recording for 4 channels @ 512 Kbps

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